How we work

At SearchNet International, we understand that all assignments have different requirements. That’s why SNI applies the distinct needs of each client to its search process. Each is evaluated individually and searched in the best way to meet each client’s needs.

In general, our method follows this basic outline:
When a new client contacts SearchNet International, an SNI partner in the client’s home country will work with them to do an assessment of the search requirements. They will prepare a project brief, including information on the client’s organizational structure.

If the client’s needs are outside their home country, SearchNet then appoints a member partner to oversee the project in the country where the search will take place. That partner, who works in the foreign country and has a proven track record there, will oversee the search while the home-country partner maintains close contact between the two and addresses any needs or changes quickly.

After candidates are determined, SearchNet works closely with its clients to help negotiate a contract and bring the search to a successful close.