The process

All international assignments have different requirements so SearchNet International does not apply any fixed methodology to its projects. Each is evaluated individually and dealt with in the most appropriate way.
SNI members are multi-lingual,
they work in and have
a proven track record with
their local business community.
In general, the originating partner will prepare a project brief confirming the organisational and appointment details and the anticipated rewards package. This is emailed to all relevant SearchNet offices. The search is conducted, candidates are identified and interviewed and a shortlist (three to five candidates) is presented. Candidates are interviewed, the client selects the candidate to whom the offer will be made, references are taken and the appointment finalised.

Throughout this procedure, the originating partner maintains close contact with the client and the foreign partner, manages the assignment and monitors progress, ensuring the client’s requirements are followed closely.
After the appointment of the selected candidate, the foreign partner maintains close contact with the client and the candidate to ensure the final result.